Redeem Your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

New Horizons is the top Microsoft technical training partner, capable of redeeming your Software Assurance Training Vouchers and delivering world-class training solutions.

Every Microsoft Technical course at New Horizons follows the Microsoft Official Curriculum and is taught by Microsoft Certified instructors, so you’re guaranteed to get the best training experience possible.

Learn how to activate and redeem your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers with New Horizons.

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What Is the Microsoft SATV Program?

The Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) program delivers training to boost and refresh employee knowledge and skills on the latest Microsoft operating systems, enterprise-ready applications and software development tools.

Training vouchers are a simple way to streamline your IT training budget by entitling employees to take Microsoft courses for a certain number of training days. SATVs are typically included with your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. This agreement determines your organization’s number of available training days.

Microsoft Volume License customers with Software Assurance benefits can use training vouchers to access instructor-led technical training courses and support material at no additional cost.

Your Software Assurance Benefits Administrator assigns training vouchers on the Microsoft Volume License Services Center (VLSC) website.

Why Unlock Your Free Microsoft Training Benefit?

Redeem your training vouchers at New Horizons San José to receive these benefits and more:

  • Stay competitive and grow your IT team’s skill sets: Prepare your IT staff to efficiently deploy, manage and support new Microsoft software. Boost productivity and efficiency and minimize operational and support costs.
  • Reduce training costs and maximize your budget: With SATVs, you can train IT staff without impacting your budget.
  • Find the right training for your team: As a Microsoft Learning Partner, New Horizons San José can help design an effective training strategy for your organization and maximize the benefit you receive from your training vouchers.
  • Get guaranteed pricing: New Horizons San José has set pricing that’s included with your Software Assurance coverage. One training voucher equals one classroom-training day.

Who Is and Isn’t Eligible for Free Microsoft Training?

If your company has a Software Assurance membership in the application or system pools, you are eligible for Microsoft SATVs.

The SATV benefit doesn’t apply to the following Microsoft customers: Academic Select License, Select Plus for Academic, Campus Agreement or School Agreement.

Speak with a learning expert today to find the right Microsoft training solution for your company.

What Type of Training Do Software Assurance Training Vouchers Apply To?

You can use your Software Assurance Training Vouchers for a variety of classes, including public enrollment courses, targeted onsite workshops and seminars, plus upgrade and application development workshops.

Training vouchers vary by program and the number of qualifying Office and/or Windows licenses covered with Software Assurance.

View all SATV eligible courses.

You can also use SATVs to redeem Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) On-Demand.

MOC On-Demand courses give you access to training videos, hands-on labs, exercises and knowledge checks to complete at your own pace. Five SATVs will earn you one five-day MOC On-Demand course.

How Long Do SATVs Last?

Your training voucher benefits expire with your Software Assurance coverage.

Once an SATV is assigned to a student, it’s active for 180 days. This means you will need to have taken your class within 180 days of redemption.

How to Access and Activate SATVs

Follow these steps to access your Microsoft SATV benefits:

  • Identify your benefits administrator. The benefits administrator can view SATV information. You can locate your Benefits Administrator in your Microsoft Licensing Agreement.
  • Review your available SATVs. Using your Microsoft account benefits manager credentials, log in to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) here to review your company’s available SATVs, the expiration date and the number of remaining SATVs.
  • Select your SATV-eligible courses: Before creating a training voucher, review the SATV-eligible courses listed above . You can create training vouchers that cover training for one to five day courses, depending on your company’s eligibility.

How to Use SATVs to Purchase Training

Once you’ve identified your available SATVs, you can redeem these vouchers for free Microsoft training.

Here’s how to use your SATVs to purchase training from New Horizons San José:

  • Activate your SATVs: Once you’re in the VLSC, click “Software Assurance.” From your Benefit Summary page, click “Training Vouchers” then “Activate Benefit.” If you don’t have the administrative permissions to activate your SA benefit, contact your Notices contact. Need help activating your SATVs? Contact New Horizons San José partner here.
  • Create and assign training vouchers: After activating the benefit, you can create and assign SATVs training vouchers to employees in the VLSC. From your Software Assurance Benefit Summary page, click “Training Vouchers” and enter the employee name, company email address and the number of days the voucher is worth.

    After creating and assigning a training voucher, you have 180 days to use the voucher before it expires. The training voucher will be electronically sent to the email address entered.
  • Redeem your vouchers at checkout: Once you’ve selected the New Horizons San José Microsoft training course you wish to take, click “Enroll.” From the checkout page, enter the 8-digit SATV training voucher code (located in your voucher confirmation email) in the discount code field.

Need help setting your training strategy? Contact New Horizons San José learning expert here.

Why Choose New Horizons San José to Redeem Your SATVs?

As the largest independent IT training company in the world, New Horizons San José is an authorized Microsoft training partner for individual and corporate training solutions.

Access the most up-to-date, instructor-led curriculum verified by Microsoft across 300 centers in 70 countries. New Horizons San José has trained employees at every company on Fortune magazine’s list of America’s 100 largest corporations, yet makes its global reach and resources relevant to any company’s needs.

New Horizons San José learning experts ensure your training solution works smoothly. Our enterprise resources include:

  • An Account Management team available to analyze, develop and implement learning programs that match your company’s vision.
  • A Professional Services team of subject matter experts to create custom New Horizons San José learning and technology solutions to help you achieve long-term growth and maintain an edge over your competitors.
  • A Client Support team to help with scheduling, registration and billing, plus monthly reporting to track the effectiveness of your IT learning investment.
  • New horizons San José’ powerful web-based tool that advances the learning process through access to courseware and learning reinforcement libraries.

SATV Eligible Courses